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Are you a serious dog lover who wants to learn serious training techniques?

Have you always had a connection with animals and wanted to work with them?

 "Loose-Leash" walking is one of many training skills you will learn. 

CYPRESS ARROW'S K9 Trainers Academy  has one goal

to teach you how to become a professional dog trainer who can launch a successful, fulfilling career working with dogs every day. 

The position statements of the leading organization in reward-based dog training, All of our classes are hands-on workshops and our comprehensive curriculum includes 10 phases that cover everything from puppy development and obedience training to behavior solutions and successful career building.

The CYPRESS ARROW'S K9 TRAINING ACADEMY certified dog trainer program is a unique, hands-on 3-WEEK WORKSHOP. You will receive the benefits of hands-on training practice while being coached by a professional mentor.

Certified Dog Trainer Program Highlights:

Flexible, self-paced program allows you to study on your own time.

Tons of hands-on activities with dogs to build your training skills

Certified professional Mentor Trainers will guide and teach you, including our School Director, Tina Frey, ABCT. 

Certification, professional graduation certificate, and seal to showcase your credentials to your clients

 hands-on workshops on our campus 

A Fascinating Learning Experience

Your learning experience is designed to be fun, fascinating, and highly effective. As a student, you will:

Engage with fascinating, step-by-step study materials including books, videos, photos, and sessions with your Mentor Trainer

Train along with easy-to-follow videos to learn techniques and build skills as you work with multiple dogs

Study social interactions with dogs in real situations to read dog behavior in real time

Train and evaluate shelter dogs for an incredible opportunity to develop your skills while helping dogs in need

Show off your hands-on training and teaching skills to your Mentor Trainer to get professional feedback that will take your skills to the next level

Graduate from each phase with a new set of knowledge and skills, leading to completion of your final phase and certification from Cypress Arrow K9 Academy, LLC - Canine Trainers Academy


Overview of Your Phases:

Phase 1 – Your Core Foundation for Becoming a Dog Behavior Expert

Phase 2 – Understanding Dog Behavior, Body Language, and Vocalizations

Phase 3 – How Dogs Think and Learn

Phase 4 – Hands-On Training: Basic & Advanced Obedience Skills

Phase 5 – Tools of the Trade – Equipment Makes a Difference

Phase 6 – Learn How to Lead Your Own Group Classes

Phase 7 – Dog Behavior Problem Solving

Phase 8 – Learn How to Lead Your Own Private Lessons

Phase 9 – Shelter Externship: Hands-On Dog Training, Behavior Evaluations, & Helping Dogs in Need

Phase 10 – Launching Your Dog Training Career and Business

Final Assessment and Graduation

Your Path to Graduation – Overview

Complete All Studies & Hands-On Activities for One Phase at a Time 

  • Pass Phase Exams at the End of Each Phase >>
  • Begin More Advanced Training with Dogs >>
  • Get Paired with a Local Mentor Trainer >>
  • Receive Feedback from Your Mentor Trainer Through Skills Evaluations >>
  • Continue to Pass Phase Exams at the End of Each Phase >>
  • Practice Private Lessons with Clients >>
  • Pass Final Exam >>
  • Graduation & Certification!

The CAK9A Curriculum is broken down into 10 sections of study, which we call phases. At the end of each phase, you will take a Phase Exam to test your knowledge and skill on everything studied in that phase. When you pass each Phase Exam, you are ready to move onto the next phase.

Dog Trainer School – running to the training field

It is a great time to get into this growing field.

When you have completed all 10 phases with passing grades, you will be ready for your final exam. The final exam will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge from all 10 sections of the curriculum. When you pass the final exam, you will receive warm congratulations from the entire team at CAK9A as you have now officially graduated from our dog trainer school as a CAK9A Certified Dog Trainer. Now it’s time to launch your dream career!


Dog trainers use their knowledge of animal behavior to help people learn how to train their dogs. People most often bring their dogs to trainers because they want to teach them basic obedience skills or correct behavioral problems, but some specialized trainers prepare dogs for roles as police dogs, guide dogs, or therapy dogs.