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your PUPPY'S CARE page

The information below are links and material for your information in learning to care for your new puppy or dog. This information has been gathered to assist in answering COMMON questions from most customers or new puppy owners. Please contact me (your breeder) if you have additional questions or concerns about your new puppy. WELCOME to the Cypress Arrow Cane Corso Family!

Is The Cane Corso The Right Dog For You??

Please read the link if you are considering the Cane Corso. Cane Corso are not a breed for everyone I assure you. Think twice and get real life experience testimonials from breeders that have been breeding these dogs for years. Each dog is different and each bloodline is different.



If feeding commercial kibble, choose a high-quality food for large breed adult dogs (Energy density between 3.5 to 4.0 kcal/g, with a fat content less than 15%). Feed at least 2-3 times per day and add 20-50% raw to kibble if possible.


1) Iams Large breed Puppy

2) Diamond Large breed

3) Purina Pro Plan Large breed

4) There are many other great kibble foods for dogs, fish and lamb based foods are best. 

5) We also encourage RAW as an addition to your dog's regular kibble. Twice per week or more. Unless you can appropriately put together a full raw meal plan for your dog, don't attempt to feed 100% raw.


5 Keys To Handling A Dominant Dog

1) You need to be  calm & assertive. Dogs will not follow unstable energy. ...

2) Set rules, boundaries, and limitations. ...

3) Don't force affection. ...

4) Use meal time to your advantage. ...

5) Give your dog a job.

6) Practice "nothing in life is FREE"

7) DO NOT tolerate ANY bad behaviors

8) You can not over socialize


Learn More Click  Here



  • Don't over vaccinate your puppy
  • Vaccinate ever 2-3 weeks for four boosters. Rabies at 16 weeks
  • De-worm every 30-45 days (we recommend HEARTGUARD)
  • We Do NOT recommend the Pro-Heart 6 month  injections! There have been several client dogs still come up positive for heartworms using it. 
  • Pennhip test are suggested between 18-23 months of age for hips (if required by contract)
  • Don't expose your puppy anywhere they could pick up disease until 2 weeks after their last booster

Learn More Click Here

CLICK: DIY Worming


  • Keep base clean with a spray liquid antiseptic (we use rubbing alcohol or iodine based cleaner)
  • Keep ears wrapped and taped for 7-8 days after crop (Some will have a foul discharge due to being wrapped)
  • Take off tape day 7-8, clean thoroughly and let dry for 3-4 days then take out stitches. Tape them as needed once they've healed

For additional info, contact the vet at

Cropping your Cane Corso's ears not only prevents injuries, but will also result in a healthier life for your dog by helping to prevent ear infections, repeated trips to the vet and antibiotic treatments for your dog. ... Many dogs with chronic ear infections have an infection in the middle ear (or bulla). 

On a health level, dogs with un-cropped, floppy ears tend to be prone to ear infections and will spend more of their life on antibiotics as a result. These floppy ears are a variation of what is natural, created by man, as a direct result of our human influence and intervention with selective breeding and shaping of dogs to meet our preferences in type. Infections, mites, ticks and bacteria thrive in dark, moist, warm environments (such as is created in an ear canal covered by a floppy hanging ear). The way to prevent such problems is to provide a light, dry, clean environment in the ears as when the ear is cropped to an upright position.

Environment Enrichment / Socializing

Environmental enrichment is the process of making the animal’s living space interesting and stimulating so as to decrease boredom and its subsequent problems. Making things more interesting for your dog isn’t hard. However, you do need to be creative and vary what you do. If you do the same thing every day, that too can quickly become boring.

For example, food dispensing toys are great for relieving boredom and stress. At the same time, they make your dog’s environment more interesting. A few treats – or an entire meal – in the toy will keep your dog busy while you’re gone and, since this is the time when most dogs get into trouble, can be a big help.

Hide two or three food dispensing toys for your dog to find. Initially, the toys can be in easy to find locations and later, when your dog is good at finding them, you can make them harder to find. Vary the treats and the hiding spots to keep things interesting.

You can do the same thing with favorite toys. Hide them in different places and check when you get home; did your dog find them? If your dog spends time outside, you can leave him a block of ice with some treats frozen in it. Use a plastic bowl or small bucket as a mold. Fill it three quarters full of water and put it in the freezer. When the water is slushy, mix in some dog kibble, carrot chunks, apple slices, and bits of cooked meat. When frozen, turn it over and pop it out. Give it to your dog outside on a warm day.


Click Here For More Info

More information: CLICK HERE


Ear Taping

There are several options in taping your Corso ears. Make sure to NOT tape ears until a few weeks after stitches and healing so they are NOT sore. We use ELASIKON brad tape it holds much better. This brand can be purchased on Amazon

Preventing Hip Dysplasia in Dogs

This video is to help you understand how important environmental elements affect your puppy's growing hips. What you can do can greatly reduce  future joint issues.

Cane Corso Temperament

1) CC Temperament  article link

Since Cane Corsos were bred and trained to watch over humans, they display various traits that are typical of guard dogs.

This means that they are highly aware and cautious around unfamiliar faces. They also have assertive, self-assured, and determined personalities.

They are territorial dogs, known to be tough and diligent workers

Cane Corso Training

1) CC Training  article link

Training Your Cane Corso is a Requirement

All Cane Corso puppies are sweet and adorable when you bring them home, but one must remember that this darling little thing is going to grow very quickly into a large dog - large dog that can be strong willed and has a dominate nature. You, as the new owner, must establish control and dominance at an early age. If you don’t take the proper steps now, this lovable little puppy can turn into a real problem in a very short time. When you bring a puppy into your home, you are bringing him into a new "pack." There are very specific rules that run the pack. It doesn’t matter whether you know them or not; the puppy knows them and lives his whole life by them. If you are not careful, you could end up with a 120lb Cane Corso running your home. 

Dealing w/Domiant Dog

1) CC Training Bad Dogs article

Dog owners can and must learn to become leaders even if they are not predisposed to leadership. They need to think about establishing their own set of rules that their dog is expected to live by. These ruled can be no biting the leader, no inappropriate aggression to visitors, no jumping up on people, stay away from small children etc etc

Owners must also learn to be 100% consistent at enforcing those rules. When a dog believes that every single time it breaks a rule there will be some form of consequence that dog is less likely to break a rule. Once that threshold is reached (where the dog accepts and live within the framework of the leaders rules) that dog becomes an easy dog to live with.

Crate Training Puppy

1) Crate Training article link

As with any type of training, all dogs will learn and progress through their crate training at a different pace. The keys to success are consistency and patience (and lots of treats and positive reinforcement!). Follow those keys during training and you’ll soon have a dog that LOVES their crate … and you’ll have a safer home and less stress in your life, as well.

Why Get A Puppy?

Multiple studies prove what puppy lovers already know—they're good for us!

Puppies Reduce Stress.

Puppies Improve Childhood Development.

Puppies Reduce Doctor Visits.

Puppies Increase Exercise.

Puppies Relieve Pain and Anxiety.