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Greater love has no one than this:

to lay down one's life for one's friends.

John 15:13

​We breed "TRUE" working Corso


We also will provide referrals on request.​

"What people say about you.....MATTERS"

" Tina, our Zoe and buddy are deer hunters...we went on another finding mission and Zoe found the deer for the second time. Buddy has also been doing well in his deer hunting. Awesome dogs with family and for hunting!" C. Brown (2014) -Colfax, Louisiana

"Just wanted to tell you that Zeus is our hero. Yesterday evening my daughter was walking him and a pit bull ran up to my daughter and tried to bite her. Zeus snapped at it and it ran off but the pit bull can back and Zeus growled and the dog finally ran off. So Zeus is our hero. Afterwards, he listened to my daughter (age 14) and they came home. (puppy by Sky X Brutus)

Jenny McGuire (2013) - Houma, Louisiana

“ (Spike) He is wonderful! He’s almost 8 months now and strong as an ox. He’s almost 85 pounds. He is beginning to get very protective and you can forget coming in the house if he doesn’t know you. My friend came over the other day and I brought him outside so he could meet her and she wouldn’t get out of the car. He has that deep bark but he was trying to play I think. Anyway, she ended up leaving and not getting out. I had to laugh. You should have seen her face. He sleeps with me and is taking up the whole bed! He gets right up against me which leaves me hanging off the bed most of the time. But he is the best cuddler ever. If he is by my feet I’ll say come lay by me and he will get up and come lay his head on the pillow just like I do and I rub his ears and jaws. Sounds silly I know but he likes it. ” (puppy by Sky X Brutus)

Melissa Maxwell (2011) - Vidor, Texas

"Dear Tina: Tommy and I did a lot of searching for the right baby. We really appreciate all of the information you provided and your honesty regarding the Cane Corso Breed. I really enjoyed meeting you and spending time with you and Victoria and seeing Deuce in his environment. It's only been since 8/23/13 that I picked him up and you wouldn't believe how well he has adapted. He is very well behaved and he is potty training very well. Thanks again for such a beautiful baby!! (puppy by Eleanor X Armaggedon)

“ Izzy is doing great... getting big for sure. You wanted me to let you know when she started becoming protective and she has for sure.. It's great! ” (puppy by Sky X Brutus)

Brenda Desormeaux (2011) - Louisiana

#5 "Our female pup is doing great! We named her ROMA. We finally got her past her puppy biting stage, so now she's a fantastic pet. Really SMART! We love her to death. She is a quick learner and progressing nicely. (puppy by Eleanor X Armaggedon)

D. Hemken (2013) - Shreveport, Louisiana

"I just wanted to say "Thank You"! This pup is the greatest and everything I wanted! (puppy by Eleanor X Armaggedon)

B. Johnson (2013) - Denham Springs, Louisiana

" Hi Tina, This is Cala. My boyfriend Dennis purchased a Cane Corso puppy from you in September. (DOB 7/17/13) I just wanted to let you know that we are IN LOVE with Titan. He is one of the most intelligent dogs either of us has ever owned. He listens very well and was very easy to train. He is very good around kids and our family/friends. He is definitely protective of our home. I wanted to share some pictures with you. He weighs 30lbs at 18 weeks! (puppy by Sky X Boss)

D. Mayfield (2013) -New Orleans , Louisiana

" This is Stark. He will be 6 months old on Christmas. His ears are finally looking great. Thank you so much for producing such good dogs. He spends his time on my couch most of his time! (puppy by Sky X Boss)

B. Johnson (2013) -Jackson , Louisiana

" Tina, we wanted to thank you again for all your help in introducing us to the Cane Corso breed. Your upfront honesty and patience with our questions were greatly appreciated! Titus just finished basic obedience and coming along very well. He greets everyone with suspension. He becomes very welcoming once we assure him they are friends. He's constantly complimented whenever we bring him out with us. Again, thanks for contributions to the breed and allowing us to have a great dog! (puppy by Sky X Boss)

S. Broussard (2013) -Abbeville , Louisiana

" Tina, you were not kidding when you said you'll never want another breed after you have a Cane Corso!!! My husband and I want to get a puppy of our own since BANE is Joe's pup. BANE is doing awesome! Much more drive than we originally expected, super smart, great with kids and fiercely protective! PERFECT! Thanks again! (puppy by Rhenni X Boss) K. Belgard (2014) -Deville , Louisiana

" Tina, our puppy is soooo sweet and well mannered and doing great as an inside dog, thanks so much for letting us get her.) D. Price (2014) -Leesville , Louisiana

I haven't post any pictures in a while, so bare with me bc I am going to take a moment to brag about Tina N Bryan Frey and ~Cypress Arrow Lycan del Cielo Scuro~ *werewolf of the dark sky* A few weekends ago we were getting dress to go to church, I always let my kids outside, we live down a gravel road, down a dirt road, no worries of them outside, he did not want them outside, which is strange being he usually is the first out the door. He refused and was persistent on getting into the truck, my truck is huge, it has a 9" lift and he WAS getting in!! Their was someone in the truck. Not in their right mind obviously,, We would have never known if it were not for him. My kids would have seen this person or worse, we could have left our home with them easy access to it! He knew this was not write! He is absolutely amazing! My sons Birthday party I was worried, knowing now this is his property to watch, this was a lot of people he would be socializing with. He did wonderful. He had to show off to everyone by prancing around and being well mannered, even with the stingy kids who would not share their food, lol. I could not ask for better temperament, health and TRUE physical appearance! (8 mth pup by Sky X Boss) Owned by Ashley Aymond : Port Barre, LA

My husband has been wanting a Cane Corso for a while, after doing a lot of reading I agreed with him. After looking for months for the "perfect image and temperament" we wanted, we found the perfect breeder with Boss x Sky!! First conversation with her in April, i was confident about choosing Cypress Arrow Kennels, I KNEW this was going to be who we would get our pup from. What felt like forever we got our boy today. The first place I stopped, a lady was complimenting him & said "Shes a great breeder and trainer, this is definitely one of Tina Freys" she smiled and walked away! That is amazing!! After waiting so long you build this perfect image in your head of what your pup would be,, and he is everything plus more. I am amazed with his personality and intelligence and this is day ONE! Thank you Tina Bryan Frey for making this the best experience for us & answering all questions no matter how silly. Lol. We love our Lycan already. A. Aymonds (2014)- Port Barre, Louisiana

"We thank you enough Tina for our new addition...Bruna. Here is our GORGEOUS pup out of Eleanor and Mogol. She is just perfect...Thanks again for allowing us to own such a beautiful and smart girl." Pup by Eleanor X Mogol. (2014) Mary Vanecek, St Louis, MO

"My boy Chief....I must say this is the smartest dog I have ever met...LOL" Thanks for my wonderful pup! Pup by Rosa X Boss (2014) J. Sanchez, Texas

"Gotta give a shout out to Tina Frey and the Cypress Arrow Cane Corso Family!! I got my first boy from Tina two years ago...we still keep in touch often and I always find myself visiting her kennel when I make trips to Louisiana without my boy. She is truly a breeder that once you purchase a pup from her you are part of the family...anyone interested in a pup should absolutely check her out...:)" (2013) Pup X Rhenni X Brutus - D. Piccolo, Dumont, NJ

Exceptional, extraordinary and amazing are only a few words I can use to describe Cypress Arrow kennels. When my family and I went to pick up our new pup, we noticed something. Someone loves what they are doing. The grounds housed more than just Cane Corso's they were a part of the family. Mrs. Tina, Bryan and her daughter are doing some amazing thing is Lena, LA. They were very professional as well as informative. If you are looking to purchase a quality top of the line Champion Cane Corso, Cypress Arrow is the kennel to need to go. Don't forget to check out Boss on the website he is on TV! (2015) Pup by Boss X Shelby - T. Washington, LaPlace, LA.