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Greater love has no one than this:

to lay down one's life for one's friends.

John 15:13


Turn your “problem dog” into a well-trained K9.


Cypress Arrow's K9 Academy LLC

We help create better relationships between dogs and their owners through motivational training techniques, mutual respect, and effective handling.

We are the ONLY certified trainers in Central, Louisiana with quantitative titles & results in nationally recognized organizations.


Fully Licenced & Insured by Kennel PRO 


For ALL OTHER questions or information, please CALL US

Call (318) 880-8300 during business hours (leave text message or voice mail if after hours)

Hours:     Mon-Thursday 8am-2pm and Friday 8am-4pm

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Schedule Training 

FREE EVALUATIONS / Board & Train Programs

Worried about where your dog fits in? Options can be a bit overwhelming, but that’s why we are here to help! Evaluations are ALWAYS FREE, with no obligation (seriously!) We absolutely want to best direct your family to the best program, big or small, to best suit your individual goals, and your dog’s unique quirks! It is our Honor to assist you in this life changing experience!

Benefits of a board and train program are widely known, allowing the professional trainers to train your dog each and every single day while you are busy with the kids, at work or running errands without the added schedule of set-aside time to train with your dog. Professional Board & Train programs allows the progress to be sped up, properly and efficiently saving time, hassle and ensuring each dog is progressing successfully and thoroughly according to normal schedule so that YOU can receive all the benefits at the finish line! Owners are involved in training after their dog's stay in our 1-2 hour handler course. For peace of mind, you can also contact one of our trainers to get updates, photos and many smiles as your dog enjoys all their positive experiences with loving, compassionate trainers.

You may find our Board and Train Programs to be longer than many other trainers, why is this? Because we believe in efficiently teaching and training your dog through amazing relationship building, fun games and enjoyment. We want our dogs to enjoy listening to us, not just walking away not engaged. We want to ensure the dog is ACTUALLY trained, versus a shortcut to appear trained. You wouldn't expect a human to break a bad habit in 10 days, why would our fur-family be any different!

We can teach your dog in MULTIPLE LANGUAGES


We are an NTPDA certified facility

We are the ONLY NTPDA recognized facility in the southern region. Tina Frey is also an NTPDA certified evaluator. Check out website for more information. 

"BASIC" Obedience

4 Weeks

This ia a boot camp program to jump start your dog's training. It's 1 on 1 with your dog daily.  This class is normally for dogs a minimum of 5 months old and up. ​Limited availability, great for big or dominant dogs with unruly behaviors. A training certificate will be awarded at the end of the training program. We include a 1 hour handler course and INCLUDES all training equipmentOur goal is to build a good Obedience foundation for dogs and their owners, and create a good bond through working relationships between Owners and their Dog. This program is designed for minimal to low distractions, for short time periods and expected distances. Basic is done ON LEASH

Included Commands:

Sit /Stay

Down / Stay

Recall (Here)

Off / No

Look (Focus)

Loose Leash Introduction (Heel)

+ Handler course

+ Training equipment included

+ Unlimited Lifetime Support

Payment Plans:

50% down when Dog Begins,

Balance paid on Pick Up Day.

Bring Food / UTD Vaccination Records / Registration Certificate (Only 1 discount per dog)

Private Lessons available:

$75 up per hour (session)


$100 Discounts to our puppy owners, 

An AKC CGC certificate is additional $25 (if temperament permits)


"ADVANCED" Obedience

5 Weeks

 Off Leash boot camp program that includes all the same basic obedience cues except done off-leash. We include a few additional cues with hand signals and collar conditioning. This class is great for those wanting to go into sport, competition obedience or just extra control of the dog in or around public and home. Our Advanced Obedience (Off Leash) Program is targeted toward all dogs that have completed a foundation basic obedience program. Don’t worry, your dog does not have to go through the first stage again prior to their enrollment, we will complete this program from Start to Finish!

This program is designed for high distractions, for long time periods and expected distances. Primarily off-Leash

Included Commands:

Sit / Stay

Down / Stay

Finish left heel


Leave It

Look (Focus)

Heel (finish left/right)


Door Manners

Leash Manners

+ Handler course

+ E Collar Recommendations

+ Unlimited Lifetime Support

+ Proof Videos prior to pick up (upon request)

We will also help troubleshoot minor Behavioral needs, potty training and jumping.

Payment Plan:

50% down When Dog Begins,

Balance on Pick Up Day.

Bring Food / Vaccination Records / Registration Certificate

CGCA or U - $25 (if temperament permits)

We are a DOGTRA Authorized Dealer

ECollars - $200 up


$100 Discounts to our puppy owners,


LEO "Detection" Courses

These courses are for Private individuals or LEO departments. This is a comprehensive hands-on Detection Dog Trainer Course that combines classroom study and practical application. This course will teach and certify a student as a Obedience & Detection Dog Trainer upon successful completion. If your goals are to be a professional dog trainer, open a dog training facility, or gain employment training dogs in the area of detection then this is the course for you. This course will prepare a student to train dogs on a professional level. This curriculum may be adapted to your specific needs within the realms of obedience training.

Course Objectives

A Student will use what they are taught to have an applicable understanding of the canine behavior, canine behavior modification, and canine detection training techniques.

A student will apply what they have been taught to train dogs in the area of detection.

A student will use techniques taught in this course to effectively train dogs as a professional dog trainer or consultant. 120-240 hours hands on job training


Train the Trainer (1 on 1)

A 3 week Basic Obedience course Train the Trainer (Private sector) 120 hours

In-depth and fast track on learning to basics to obedience training dogs


Some classes are approved for the Law Enforcement Agencies

LEO Single or Dual Purpose detection training in: 




Search & Rescue

DLE or NNDDA Certifications



3 PHASES (10-12 months)

Our Service Dog program is a 3 phase training program that evaluates your dog to pass and be a medical Service Dog that performs task for the disabled. Our 3 phase trainning programs takes about 8-10 months for completion and in specific stages. We meet all  requirements for each dog and we also provide you with legal documentation to support your dog's training and evaluations for public and private access. EMS and Therapy dogs are welcomed

Certificates are awarded per phase. Vest and equipment not included. All legal documents and handler courses included with legal certifications.  Any Dog that families wish to prospect for service dog work is required to first be evaluated at our facility.

We also provide a "Prep" class which is a 2 hour program in which we educate you about the laws and expectations of service dogs through the We also must perform intensive training each day with your dog, socializing and public access reactions, temperament tests and over-all general evaluation to qualify or disqualify each dog for the next step in the process.

Stage 1: Service Dog Basic Cost:


Basic OB w/CGC once completed, Owner and Trainer will then maintain lessons bi-weekly for two months following completion, to ensure dog-handler is following through on all homework, BO and general behavior. 

Stage 2: OB Advanced & OB Refresher


When Dog-Owner Team qualifies and passes all requirements, the next stage/program will consist of a four week Board and Train off leash refresher, and "Task" Jump Start, following weekly/bi-weekly lessons until completion.

Length of time varies by each individual dog and owner team. 

Stage 3: Task Training & Equipment


After Stage 2 we will define their "Task" and jump start the training, following weekly/bi-weekly lessons until completion.

Length of time varies by each individual dog and owner team.

+Videos provided

+All legal forms and requirements

+Certificates and ID card


"STAR" Puppy 

Our "STAR" puppy  

Classes are a 2 week board and train program. This STAR class is for puppies 14 weeks to under 5  months old. It includes, sit, down and leash walking, socialization in public places and around other animals. Crate training and imprinting is also available upon request. Includes a handler class when you pick him up. Start your puppy off with a great experience and foundation obedience. An AKC STAR puppy award and certificate is given at end of class (upon request for additional $25) and by puppy achieving required goals. Puppies are kept in doors or in a household. Click below for more details

This class is affordable at 


Learn More

"Deer Tracking"

"Trailing" Human Search & Rescue (SAR)

We train tracking dogs to track a scent picture that consists of Human Odor, Reinforcing Scents, and Ecological Odor. Each dog is trained on human odors and commit fully to following those odors until it is unavailable. The surety each dog has in the trained odors provides us the ability to urban track and wilderness track. We provide a basic handler course with free on-going practice sessions.

Trailing = air scent dog training (finding lives human within an area large or small)

Tracking= trial orders (hot tracks)

$2500 (human tracking)

$1800 (deer blood Trail)

National Certifications

All natural settings and dogs are awarded a tracking certificate. Videos also provided

We offer a FREE evaluation of your dog before training begins. Tracking classes are 6 plus weeks depending on the dog's hunt drive. We do not train DURING fall or winter months or during deer seasons. (limited spots)


Private Lessons & Boarding

Interested in doing all the tough work, and daily training and be the driver in the success of your dog? Our Private Lessons are for you! Enjoy weekly lessons with your Trainer and Dog(s) to learn all the necessary skills to become a well-rounded doggy citizen, enjoy the week with your homework and continue to shine bright in progress each week!

All ages are welcome to participate in Private Lessons, so lets get that new puppy or newly adopted dog off to a great start!

Enroll Today!

$75 & up per session 


Headed out of town for a few days? Looking for some mental stimulation while away? Let us train your dog while you're away! We will refresh any commands dog(s) already know, and provide lots of love, walks and playtime!

1 Dog: $25.00

2 Dogs: $40.00

3 Dogs: $55.00 (2 per kennel)

Standard Boarding

1-2 week Refresher Training for obedience or advanced obedience

$250 per week


Small Dog Training

Our Small (Toy breeds) dog classes are a 3 week board and train program. This class is for TOY breeds over 5 months old.  It includes, strict RECALL, sit, down and leash walking, socialization in public places and around other animals. Crate training and imprinting is also available upon request. Includes a handler class when you pick him up. A basic Obedience award and certificate is given at end of class upon your dog achieving required goals

This class is affordable at $750

Enroll Today!


"Behavior Modification"

For dogs with severe behavioral modification needs, such as bad Anxiety, Housebreaking, Aggression (Dog, Food, Human, Babies) or Fearful Dogs, they are referred to our Behavioral Modification Board & Train. During our Behavioral Modification program dogs stay with Trainer for aprox 6-8 Weeks minimum.

Dogs stay in a structured environment that allows our pack (humans and dogs) to help teach and mentor your dog to create balance, better manners and behaviors. Lots of exercise is involved, such as runs and walks. We provide them with a lot of mental stimulating obedience work and relationship building.

We also work on all aspects of obedience; up to an advanced obedience level to give dogs additional mental stimulation, exercise, boundaries, rules and over all good manners.

Commands Taught:

Sit / stay


Look (Focus)

Heel (loose leash walking)


Down / stay

Door Manners

Leash Manners

+ Training Equipment (limited)

+ Unlimited Lifetime Support of the dog

+ price is based on age/breed of dog and their behaviors


Extended Payment Plans available

Equipment not included



This class is aimed at teaching a dog the complicated skills needed to ensure the security of the trainer and the members of his family. Dogs are trained to assess various situations and make their own decisions. By the end of the course, the dogs gain an imbued habit of constantly watching and guarding the trainer (the family members).

The mandatory skills taught during the course “Bodyguard dog” are as follows:

1) Protection and apprehension in a vehicle

2) Protection in an apartment

3) Unsupervised apartment check

4) Protection of the trainer and his family from an attack while on the street, on an apartment building’s staircase or in the elevator

5) Protecting against cold weapons and firearms

$1500 (per 12 sessions)


$1000 (bite and grip work) board & train

A protection dog is a great friend as well as a reliable bodyguard.


Become a "TRAINER"

A 3-4 week Basic Obedience course Train the Trainer (Private sector) 120 hours

In-depth and fast track on learning to basics to obedience training dogs

$5,500 & up Basic OB only

$10,000 for 360 hours including advanced obedience and detection

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- Antibody production begins after the first dose. Other canine parvovirus vaccines require two or three doses to stimulate an initial antibody response.

Must be vaccinated to puppies under 6 months old





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